Strathmore Centre for Youth Development (SCYD) is an award winning drop-in centre in Blairgowrie.

Aimed at young people aged between 12 and 25, the Centre provides social activities, counselling, careers advice, workshops and community activity, whilst enabling people to improve their social skills and build their confidence in a safe environment.

The charity was established in 2005 and the Centre now receives 600-800 visitors each month. It also shares its facilities with the Citizens Advice Bureau, receiving visits from a wide cross section of people from the community.

For such an organisation, it is vital that refreshments are available for both staff and visitors with flexibility to offer drinks on both paid and free vend depending on the activity or event taking place.

Craig Cantwell, Manager at the SCYD, had a KLIX 450 machine installed by Kafevend in August 2011 and has not looked back since. The range of branded drinks has been a great pull for this audience with the Starburst soft drinks and Chocamento hot chocolate being particularly popular with the young people. There is a standard price per drink set on the machine for general use which ensures that a small profit can be generated for the Centre, a great opportunity for any charity or organisation where the generation of funds is critical to its survival. But for specific activities the visitors are offered up to two drinks free of charge – a great motivator for the participants in some of the workshops and counselling sessions.

Other benefits that the charity has seen as a result of the installation of the KLIX machine include a reduction in washing up which is always a great advantage. Craig said “You can imagine the sheer volume of washing up generated by such a large group of people needing refreshments. It isn’t just the fact that it needs to be done, it’s about commitment of the kids to do it and use of staff resource to ensure that kitchen areas are always left clean and tidy. We’ve now virtually removed this issue and by using the KLIX machine there is also an improvement in energy usage over the use of a kettle as we are now heating water for the drinks only, whereas previously there was an additional energy requirement for clearing up and washing cups and mugs”.

The Centre operates a strict recycling programme, ensuring that the plastic cups are collected and recycled at a local recycling centre. “This is a great message for the people using the Centre that SCYD are responsible when it comes to environmental issues,” says Craig.

He added, “Kafevend has offered a fantastic service from initial contact through to machine installation and the ongoing supply of drinks. Everything is fast and efficient. The machine saves us time and resource, whilst raising much needed funds for the Centre. It’s a win-win situation and everyone is happy.”

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