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Although we haven't had the chance to throw real snowballs this Christmas, there's always the drinkable version to enjoy. The sweet fizzy mix of advocaat and lemonade is viewed as a drink for old ladies by many, but it deserves status as one of the perennial tastes of Christmas just as much as turkey or mince pies. And never forget it can double up as a potent custard for the plum pudding!

The odd spelling of advocaat is due to its Dutch origin. Consisting of eggs, brandy, sugar and vanilla, advocaat is similar to eggnog. However, while the type made for export is runny enough to pour and drink, the Dutch consume a much thicker version with a spoon, more a cross between a liqueur and a dessert. Warninks, Warners, Cooymans, Van Meer's and De Kuyper  are amongst the companies most associated with the tipple and out of those Warninks stands out as the leading brand. First established way back in 1616, Warninks now use an incredible forty million eggs per annum to make all their advocaat. What a lot of chickens there must be in the world when you come to think of it.

As well as the classic snowball, advocaat can be used to make a range of other cocktails, the most gruesomely fascinating of which must surely be 'the squashed frog', comprised of a red grenadine layer at the bottom, followed by a green layer of Midori melon liqueur and topped with creamy yellow advocaat. And although Baileys may seem a more obvious choice to go in your coffee, advocaat makes a very good alternative, but do let the coffee cool a little before adding it, so that it doesn't curdle.

Just one word of warning, advocaat's versatility does not extend to being a suitable replacement for white wine in chicken soup. Been there, tried it, won't be doing it again and that's all I'm saying!

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