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Writing the blog about Queen Victoria last week got me thinking about our Queen today. Does she  rate Cadbury chocolate as highly as her predecessor once did? What kind of tea and coffee does she like best? Despite her constant appearances in the public eye, the Queen's home life is not something we get many clues about, but the little details that have been gleaned over the years represent an interesting glimpse into her everyday life.

The Royal household gets its coffee from the Savoy Hotel's coffee department, although it seems that this is destined for the Duke of Edinburgh as the queen prefers tea. Twinings prepare Earl Grey for her with a blend of China and Darjeeling, scented with oil of bergamot.

Where water is concerned, the Queen had a firm favourite in Malvern water and would always ensure she took plenty abroad with her. However, production at the company ceased in November 2010 as it was no longer commercially viable for parent company Coca-Cola to run.

Cadbury, who received their first Royal warrant from Queen Victoria in 1854, are still making top grade chocolate for her great-great-granddaughter today. Tucked away in their Bournville factory is machinery specially reserved for the production of 'Superior Culinary Plain Chocolate', known to Cadbury staff as 'Royal Household Chocolate'.  While Cadbury won't divulge details of the recipe, it's believed to contain a very high percentage of cocoa solids, perfect for using in cakes and desserts, as well as for eating.

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