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Here's a novelty- an old tea (or indeed coffee) company that isn't named after the founder! Ringtons was established in 1907 by Samuel Smith, with an investment of £250 from his business partner, William Titterington. The eagle eyed amongst you may find the second half of William's surname familiar, and it was that and the initial of Samuel's surname that gave the company its own name.

Samuel started out by selling tea from a horse and cart to the people of Heaton in Newcastle, going from door to door. Business was good, requiring the aid of half a dozen assistants, including Samuel's son Douglas, and another horse. Samuel bought William's share of the company in 1914, which meant it was now an entirely family owned enterprise.

Unfortunately, WW1 saw business grind to a halt as the employees were sent off to fight. Those that returned however, revived the company. More progress was made until yet another World War saw around 400 employees and the company's fleet of vans needed for the war effort. Like the last time however, Ringtons bounced back at the war's end.

Ringtons has remained a family owned business for one hundred years, passing through four generations. Their method of delievery has remained the same as well, delivering to homes both within Heaton and to the rest of the country. There is even some international interest thanks to their web store. Their range of products has also expanded from tea to include a variety of coffees and hot chocolates, along with the typical kitchen paraphenalia you come to expect with everybody's favourite beverages. You can also even get your hands on a selection of cake and biscuits- they certainly seem to have tapped in to the British psyche.

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