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Last week we spent some time talking about the approaching World of Coffee 2014 event in the Italian coastal resort of Rimini. As promised, this week we'll take a look at Rimini itself.

Situated on the Adriatic coast, Rimini isn't far from the tiny state of San Marino. If you picture Italy as a high heeled boot, then it's at the top of the calf muscle! It's not a resort much frequented by British holiday makers. We tend to head for the well known historical cities of Rome, Venice, Florence and the like. Nevertheless, it's popular amongst Italians themselves and if you go in for beach holidays you'd be spoilt for choice with its miles of sandy beaches. It's a well developed resort with ubiquitous hotels, restaurants, clubs and bars. If you need a beach front with sun lounger, Wi-Fi access and lots to do, then you'll be well accommodated.

Rimini first began attracting visitors as a bathing resort as long ago as the 1840s, but its heritage stretches all the way back to Roman times. Founded in 268 BCE, there are some interesting Roman remains, as well as architecture that is still intact. The Arch of Augustus is the oldest surviving triumphal arch in northern Italy. It has stood since 27 BCE as its inscription, still perfectly legible, bears testament to. Another fine example of Roman craftsmanship is the bridge of Tiberius, also known as the bridge of Augustus as its construction began during his reign. It was the only bridge that the German army failed to destroy during the Battle of Rimini in World War 2. The bridge is open to traffic and pedestrians to this day, testament to its solid construction.

So should visitors to the World of Coffee event come out buzzing with all that caffeine, there'll be plenty of beach activity and cultural enrichment to keep them entertained!

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