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It has recently occurred to me that the essential accompaniment to a nice hot cup of tea or coffee, namely a biscuit, has thus far been missing from the Kafevend blog. So today's the day I begin to rectify the glaring omission and I shall start with that absolute stalwart of the British biscuit world, the tea biscuit or 'Rich Tea' to be precise.

While tea biscuits were first developed in days of yore as a light snack between meals for the upper classes, McVities have been producing them for us all, in ever increasing numbers, since the first quarter of the 20th century. These days all the major supermarket chains produce their own brand of tea biscuits too. Alongside the standard round 'Rich Tea' biscuit is the 'Rich Tea Finger', which I'm prepared to argue is even nicer. Perhaps its smaller size results in a slightly more well done bake, but there's certainly a subtle difference!

One of the advantages of the humble 'Rich Tea' is that its plainness doesn't detract from a nice cuppa and if you find them a little too dry, they're great for dunking. However, this can be a risky move- who hasn't had to face soggy biscuit mess at the bottom of their tea at some point or another? Aside from the potential for dunking disaster you can't really go wrong, so while digestive devotees might disagree, I concur with Terry Wogan's 2004 reference to them as 'Lord of all Biscuits'. by Kafevend

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