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The superstitious amongst us might be feeling wary at the thought of having to get through another Friday 13th, but let no negative thoughts beset you today because this is a Friday 13th with a difference. Yes, it can surely have escaped nobody's notice that today is Red Nose Day. 2015 marks the thirtieth anniversary of the charity, Comic Relief, and today's blog will take a look at what has clearly become a British institution. We'll be particularly focusing in on those tea and coffee companies that have partnered up with Comic Relief this year to boost support for the cause.

This year's theme is 'Make your face funny for money', so don't be alarmed by any strange looking individuals you encounter today, but it might be wise to get your spare change ready! Red Nose Day happens every two years. However, Comic Relief works all year round to alleviate poverty and social injustice, offering support and trying to change people's lives for the better, both at home and abroad.

It was Bob Geldoff's big push to get the music industry to come together to raise money for famine relief in Ethiopia in the mid eighties, culminating in the Live Aid concert on July 13th 1985, which prompted others in the entertainment industry to band together to do some good in the world; if musicians and singers could do it, why not comedians and other entertainers? Comic Relief was launched on Christmas Day 1985 and then in February 1988 came the very first Red Nose Day. Do you remember the hard plastic that red noses were made out of to begin with? It took a lot of staying power to wear one for any length of time!

These days a whole host of well known brands join in to support the cause. 2015 marks the first year that household name, PG Tips has partnered up with Comic Relief; 8p from every special pack is being donated. Most of us will be familiar with the brand's mascot, Monkey, the endearing knitted sock puppet who has starred alongside Johnny Vegas in adverts. Monkey has been given the challenge of scaling Britain's tallest building, The Shard, as part of Red Nose Day and you can find the entertaining 3½ minute video via PG Tip's website!

Not to be outdone by tea, coffee is in on the act this year too, via a new initiative called Coffee Relief. Caravan Coffee Roasters will be donating 10p from every cup of coffee and 50p from each bag of its house-blend roasted coffee sold during the first fortnight in March. The company has also encouraged other independent coffee shops and speciality roasters to follow its lead. Perhaps your local independent is taking part; definitely sounds like a good excuse to enjoy a cup of your favourite cappuccino or latte!

And if you fancy indulging in some chocolate today, why not have some Maltesers? A comic Relief partner since 2011, 5p will be donated from every special pack and go towards reaching the brand's £1m target.

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