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1.Which chocolate bar produced by Green and Black's earned the first Fairtrade mark in the UK?

a- Inca Platinum   b- Maya Gold
c- Aztec Silver      d- Olmec Bronze

2.What peculiar material does the artist Sid Chidiac paint with?

a- Chocolate   b- Coffee
c- Tea              d- Bovril

3.What business practices helped Thomas Lipton's hugely successful tea sales?

a- Selling tea in pre-measured packages   b- Selling tea in vibrantly coloured packages
c- Both of the above                                  d- All three

4.What colour was the Kit Kat wrapper during World War Two?

a- Red      b- Orange
c- White   d- Blue

5.Which of the following types of cacao bean produces the highest quality chocolate?

a- Criollo       b- Trinitario
c- Forastero   d- Nacional

6.Which city did John Cadbury establish his first shop in?

a- Aberdeen   b- Birmingham
c- Carlisle      d- Dublin

7.Which country's explorers discovered São Tomé and Príncipe?

a- England   b- Spain
c- Portugal   d- France

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