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1.Who inadvertently invented the ring doughnut?

a- Captain William Bainbridge   b- Captain William Bligh
c- Captain Hanson Gregory      d- Captain Jack Sparrow

2.What did Milton Hershey make before moving on to chocolate?

a- Prosthetics   b- Biscuits
c- Caramel       d- Shoes

3.Which country drinks the most tea per capita?

a- India   b- Ireland
c- China   d- England

4.Which product, alongside tea and coffee, forms the trio of tradeables that Douwe Egberts has been selling for centuries?

a- Saffron     b- Bacon
c- Chocolate   d- Tobacco

5.What is facing potential shortages down the line?

a- Chocolate   b- Tea
c- Coffee      d- Javelins

6.Which country does Witch's coffee come from?

a- Italy    b- Ukraine
c- Canada   d- Peru

7.Who is the patron saint of coffee shop owners?

a- Saint Jacobo     b- Saint Drogo
c- Saint Cuthbert   d- Saint Modwen

8.How was coffee introduced to Austrian culture?

a- Trade      b- Exploration
c- Conquest   d- Diplomacy

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