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1: Which Dresden born housewife invented coffee filter paper?

a- Mercedes Benz    b- Angela Merkel
c- Melitta Bentz       d- Marlene Dietrich

2: While the British traditionally brew tea in a teapot, what do Russians use instead?

a- Kovsh                  b- Samovar
c- Kastryulya           d- Chaynik      

3: Which of the following was a prolific class of Dutch merchant ship?

a- Fluyt                     b- Carrack
c- Xebec                   d- Knarr

4: Which colloquial name is given to the espresso in Lisbon?

a- Galao                    b- Pingu
c- Bica                      d- Gama

5: The invention of which meal is attributed to Anna Maria Russell, the Duchess of Bedford?

a- Elevensies            b- Afternoon tea
c- High tea               d- Brunch

6: What is a tea clipper?

a- A device for harvesting tea leaves   b- A forerunner of the tea biscuit
c- A speedy merchant ship                   d- Someone who collects tea

7: What is Turkish coffee traditionally made in?

a- Saç                          b- Oklava
c- Ibrik                        d- Balaclava

8: Which type of vessel did the Portuguese explorer Vasco de Gama sail in when travelling to India?

a- Caravel                    b- Cog      
c- Clipper                     d- Carrack

9: Which infusion is a popular drink in Argentina?

a- Mate                          b- Late
c- Tate                            d- Gate

10: Which comedian said "Never trust a man who, when left alone in a room with a tea cozy, doesn't try it on" ?

a- Ben Elton         b- Rick Mayall
c-Billy Connolly   d- Eddie Izzard

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