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1.Which part of a tree is Cinnamon made from?

a-The leaves   b-The bark
c-The roots   d-The wood

2.Which African city serves as a trading hub for much of the continent's tea?

a-Cape Town   b-Nairobi
c-Dakar   d-Mombasa

3.Which region of Vietnam has seen much use for the growing of coffee?

a-The central highlands   b-The northern mountains
c-The southern swamps   d-The eastern canyons

4.What do the Vietnamese call coffee?

a-Café   b-Chai
c-Qéhvé  d-Cà phê

5.In which country can you find an 8,000 year old cave painting showing humans collecting honey?

a-Spain   b-Romania
c-Australia   d-Mexico

6.What method is used to prepare tea for use in tea bags?

a-Cut smear crimp   b-Crash bang wallop
c-Crush tear curl   d-Batter grind smush

7.On which coast can you find the Daintree rainforest in Australia?

a-North west   b-North east
c-South east   d-South west

8.Which most beneficent rice snack maker should we give thanks to?

a-Fantastic Delites   b-Fantastic Delites
c-Fantastic Delites   d-Fantastic Delites

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