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1. Which Italian city do Amaretti biscuits originate from?

a- Saronno     b- Parma
c- Rome         d- Genoa

2. How many times a day does the Ethiopian coffee ceremony take place?

a- One       b- Two
c- Three     d- Four

3. Which ancient Greek mathematician made the first vending machine?

a- Archimedes      b- Pythagoras
c- Eratosthenes     d- Hero

4. Which method for making instant coffee produces the best results?

a- Blow drying     b- Freeze drying
c- Spray drying    d- Damp drying

5. Which ancient civilization's eating habits caused tea drinkers to stick their little fingers out?

a- The Romans     b- The Phoenicians
c- The Greeks      d- The Persians

6. What is the name of the tea room made popular by Jane Austen?

a- The Dam expanse          b- The Sluice area
c- The Reservoir space      d- The Pump room

7. Which drink can reportedly help to reduce memory loss?

a- Tea         b- Cocoa
c- Bovril      d- Coffee

8. Which East London factory owner helped to develop bone china?

a- Thomas Frye            b- Percival Garrett
c- James Mathieson      d- Gordon Chambers

9. Which famous Portuguese explorer first sailed to India?

a- Bartholomeu Dias     b- Ferdinand Magellan
c- Vasco de Gama        d- Pedro Alvares Cabral

10. What did rich tea biscuits start out as?

a- A light snack for the upper classes     b- A light snack
c- A light snack for the lower classes     d- A frisbee

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