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1.Which time period saw the rise of the commercial vending machine?

a-Edwardian   b-Georgian
c-Elizabethan   d-Victorian

2.What year did Innocent's founders start making smoothies for the public?

a-1978   b-1988
c-1998   d-2008

3.Where is Bengal Coffee predominantly grown?

a-Africa   b-Azerbaijan
c-Australia   d-America

4.Who first grew figs in the UK?

a-The Greeks   b-The Romans
c-The Phoenicians   d-The Egyptians

5.Where does Sint Nikolaas live during his down time?

a-Canada   b-Mexico
c-Spain   d-Russia

6.Who first proposed the Nilgiri mountain railway?

a-The Dutch   b-The British
c-The Portuguese   d-The French

7.What kind of ecological region does Rooibos grow in?

a-Fynbos   b-Savanna
c-Tepui   d-Chaparral

8.Which other chocolate fruit was dropped from Terry's production line in favour of their chocolate oranges?

a-Banana   b-Grape
c-Pear   d-Apple

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