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1.Which island produces lots of unrefined sugars?

a- Madagascar   b- Malta

c- Mauritius        d- Maldives

2.When was Thomas Tunnock's first bakery opened?

a- 1890   b- 1995

c- 1747  d- 2013

3.What did the brothers Joseph and Edward Tetley start out selling from?

a- A shed   b- A horse

c- A stall     d- A store

4.What does theobroma mean?

a- Food of the brothers   b- Food of the sisters

c- Food of the Gods       d- Bitter bean

5.Which event caused a 2,800 MW surge in electricity demand in Britain?

a- Eastenders            b- The Royal Wedding of William and Kate

c- The Thorn Birds    d- The England vs Germany penalty shootout in 1990

6.Which decade was Kenco created in?

a- 1950s   b- 1930s

c- 1920s   d- 1880s

7.Which type of tea is typically used as the base for Jasmine tea?

a- Green   b- Black

c- White   d- Yellow

8.Which part of Germany is the East Frisia region in?

a- South west    b- North west

c- Central          d- South east

9.Which country's coffee surplus resulted in the formation of the Nescafé brand?

a- Brazil         b- Vietnam

c- Colombia   d- Indonesia

10.What temperature does water boil at in Tibet?

a- 60ºC    b- 87ºC

c- 111ºC   d- 120ºC

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