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1c: Melitta Bentz- Dissatisfied with contemporary coffee making means, Melitta discovered that the blotting paper from her son's school exercise book served as an excellent filter, laid on the inside of a metal pot that she punched holes through. Later creating purpose built pots and filter paper, she and her husband and sons entered business together and were very successful.

2b: Samovar- When there's time for a traditional brew a samovar is used, shaped like an urn and often made from brass or copper; a teapot containing highly concentrated tea sits on top of the samovar, which is full of hot water to dilute the tea to personal preference through a spout at the bottom.

3a: Fluyt- In service for around three centuries, the fluyt was an excellent merchant vessel. With a minimal armament, spacious hold and small sailing crew it was a money making machine. The design of a narrow top deck was a brazen ploy to subvert Danish taxes.

4c: Bica- This term for an espresso is commonly used in Lisbon and some claim that it's an acronym of the Portuguese for 'Drink that with sugar' because people found their espressos too bitter when they were originally introduced.

5b: Afternoon tea- Anna Maria Russell, the seventh Duchess of Bedford needed something to keep her going until dinner which, in high society, wasn't served before eight or nine in the evening. What began as a solitary snack evolved into a social event for ladies of the upper class.

6c: A speedy merchant ship- The tea clipper represented the last hurrah of the tall ship era. With speed being of the utmost importance to capitalise on market prices, races between the clippers excited the crowds at home.

7c: Ibrik- This type of long handled pot, which has been around for centuries, is used to brew very finely ground coffee without the need for a filter.

8d: Carrack- The carrack was a development of the caravel. After exploration of northern Africa utilsing craft like the caravel, the carrack permitted explorers such as Vasco de Gama to travel further afield.

9a: Mate- A signature drink of Argentina, drunk from a gourd through a metal straw called a bombilla.

10: Billy Connolly- I can certainly recall trying one on myself, though I was quite young at the time. I imagine I would do it again given the chance.
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