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1a: Saronno- The amaretti biscuit is a favourite treat to have with coffee. As the legend goes, they were originally invented by a couple who made them for a Cardinal visiting Saronno three centuries ago.

2c: Three- And it's a good thing it's not four! The ceremony is a rather elaborate and involved process, involving aromatic grass and incense along with working the beans from their raw state all the way through to the final product.

3d: Hero- Hero is credited with creating the first vending machine- the device he made was a holy water dispenser, used in temples to stop visitors taking more than they had paid for.

4b: Freeze drying- Whilst it is a more expensive and time consuming process than spray drying, freeze drying retains more of the original flavour of the coffee.

5a: The Romans- The ancient Romans used their fingers to eat instead of cutlery. Social status was displayed through the use of either a three or five fingered grip, with the higher classes eating with three.

6d: The Pump room- It was built in the 1790s and was very much the fashionable place to be seen, as demonstrated in Austen's novel "Northanger Abbey".

7b: Cocoa- Whilst more tests need to be carried out to test the claims, early evidence tells us that the high levels of flavanols found in cocoa may help to limit memory loss- a good excuse for that cup of cocoa in the evening!

8a: Thomas Frye- By using bone ash in the composition of his porcelain, Frye managed to create bone china, a strong and durable material that allowed the crafting of very fine pieces of crockery.

9c: Vasco de Gama- Following in the foot steps of previous explorers, de Gama pushed on past the Cape of Good Hope to find India before returning home with news of his discoveries.

10a: A light snack for the upper classes- We have McVities to thank for spreading the greatness that is the rich tea biscuit amongst the masses.

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