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Time for the answers and such:

1c: Arabica and Robusta- These varieties comprise the majority of coffee grown in the world today.

2a: Arabica- It is seen as the higher quality bean with a more sophisticated taste.

3b: François-Marie Arouet- More commonly known by his nom de plume, Voltaire!

4a: Espresso- It first appeared in Italy at the beginning of the 20th century with Bezzera's development of a single serve espresso machine and its use in a range of styles of coffee then ensued.

5b: St. Louis world trade fair- It was Richard Blechynden's concern that people weren't drinking the tea he was handing out at the fair that made him decide to whet their appetite with a refreshing iced variety instead.

6b: Spain- They brought it back from Mesoamerica during the 1500s, though it took until the end of that century for larger amounts to be shipped in from plantations that they had set up in America.

7e: Chicory- A herb that complements coffee well, particuarly in the opinion of Camp coffee enthusiasts.

8c: Tea- Well that was an obvious one, wasn't it?

9b: The Dutch East India Company- They had their finger in all kinds of pies and this was one of them.

10c: Sir James Dewar- He made vacuum flasks for his research work on liquified gases, though it was the company Thermos who popularized them as a beverage container.

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