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To round off this week, here's a little quiz for you to enjoy and to check whether you've actually taken anything in, or just been glancing at the odd marks on the screen. The questions are multi choice, so it shouldn't be too taxing!

1: Which of the following are the most popular pair of coffees grown today?

a- Siberia and Harmonica   b- Arabica and Liberica

c- Arabica and Robusta      d- Robusta and America

2: Which type of coffee is typically preferred in coffee establishments?

a- Arabica    b- Robusta

c- Liberica    d- Instant

3: Which famous French philosopher and wit reputedly drank 30 cups of coffee a day?

a- René Descartes   b- François-Marie Arouet

c- Auguste Comte    d- Jean-Jacques Rousseau

4:What type of coffee drink forms the basis for many other adaptations?

a- Espresso   b- Expresso

c- Impresso   d- Suppresso

5: Which event in 1904 helped to spread the popularity of Iced tea?

a- The Olympics       b- St. Louis world trade fair

c- Entente Cordiale   d- World Series

6: Which country brought chocolate to Europe?

a- Portugal   b- Spain

c- France     d- England

7: Which herb goes into the making of camp coffee?

a- Parsley       b- Sage

c- Rosemary   d- Thyme

e- Chicory

8: What valuable cargo was destroyed during the events of the Boston tea party?

a- Gold bullion    b- Potatoes

c- Tea                 d- Coffee

9: Which trading company grew coffee in Indonesia?

a- British East India Company   b- Dutch East India Company

c- French East India Company  d- Portuguese East India Company

10: Who invented the Vacuum flask?

a- Mr Thermos   b- Mr Vacuum

c- Mr Dewar      d- Mr Crow

Phew, I bet you're glad that's over! Take the evening to recuperate, and find out the answers to the quiz in tomorrow's post!

by Kafevend

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