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1- Where might you be if your tea was served from a samovar?


a- Spain      b- Argentina

c- Egypt     d- Russia


2- What is the alternative name for that popular piece of coffee making equipment, the cafetière?


a- the Swiss Press     b- the French press

c- the Italian Press    d- the Dutch press


3- Which item out of the following four would you need to enjoy the south American favourite, yerba mate?


a- a whisk     b- a teapot

c- a straw      d- a glass


4- Which piece of equipment is key to preparing Turkish coffee?


a- a cezve     b- a demlik

c- an ibrik    d- a bardak



5- Used when preparing matcha tea, what is a chasen?


a- a tea scoop     b- a bamboo whisk

c- a tea bowl      d- an iron pot



6- If your drink had been made with the aid of a molinillo what would be in your cup?


a- matcha     b- Turkish coffee

c- cocoa       d- chai latte


7- What were the very first teabags made from?


a- silk        b- linen

c- gauze    d- calico


8- In which country do people use a mukecha and zenezena to grind up their coffee beans?


a- Turkey     b- Ethiopia

c- Italy         d- Brazil     


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