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NK Hair opened their new salon on the High Street in Henfield, West Sussex on 10th December 2007.

Owners, Karen Gold and Neil Cox, were inspired to bring a little of the cosmopolitan and creative buzz of the city of Brighton and their often stylish and artistic hairdressing salons to the quieter village 12 miles north west of the city.

With a population of just over 5,000 in Henfield and many clients travelling from the surrounding area including Brighton, business is thriving. The salon boasts many notable features and benefits beyond the stylish surroundings, including the vintage Mini converted into a reception desk which greets visitors, the child friendly service and facilities for the younger client and six expert stylists to offer the perfect cut for the client, whatever their age or style.

But what adds the most value to their clients, beyond the obvious skills of their staff and great surroundings? Karen was in no hesitation to sing the praises of the quality hot drinks they provide to their customers from the FLAVIA® machine supplied by Kafevend.

“I decided to install a quality hot drinks machine as I hate poor coffee, and if my clients want a hot drink, I don’t believe they should have to make do with anything but a fresh ground coffee, real leaf tea or luxurious hot chocolate that reflects the quality of everything we do in the salon” said Karen. “It is another part of the service. Everyone loves the drinks and we frequently get compliments about the range that we offer”.

“After looking at a number of options, Kafevend offered me a FLAVIA® machine which meets my needs perfectly, as it offers a broad range of quality drinks including cappuccinos, mochas and lattes, is easy to keep clean and for me it was important that I could site it in quite a small space where it wouldn’t be plumbed in, although I know that I could have it plumbed in if necessary.”

Other critical aspects for NK Hair beyond the quality range of drinks, compact size and ease with which it could be kept clean also included the performance and reliability, along with the reliable supply of the drinks and associated products. “It’s vital that you find a reliable supplier that prides themselves on service. We also know that if we place an order for drinks either by phone or online before 3pm, the supplies will be with us the following day. The level of service provided by Kafevend has been excellent – whoever you speak to they are always helpful, efficient and help us keep our clients happy.”

So what’s next for NK Hair and their customers when they next pop by for a cut and a coffee? Karen says “The drinks have just got even better...the new brands of ALTERRA COFFEE ROASTERS™ coffee and THE BRIGHT TEA CO™ teas launched earlier this year for the FLAVIA® machine are excellent. We’re getting even more compliments about our drinks than before. And thanks to Kafevend and the products and level of service they offer, it’s another thing that helps us to keep our clients coming back time and time again.”

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