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Another well placed tea room on North Devon's coastline is situated in the heart of the Valley of Rocks, a dry glacial valley formed during the last ice age. This is a stunning area, with a collection of peaks named Castle Rock, Rugged Jack and Middlegate, where the steep slants and precariously balanced rocks add a certain frisson to any walk or climb. The best advice is to stick to the main paths; attempting to follow one of the many feral goats, or indeed a spry and fleet of foot ten year old straight up the side, will only lead to the thigh-achingly scary task of manoeuvring back down the precipitous gradients afterwards, though no doubt providing a succession of comedy moments for those watching far below!

Nestled down in the valley is the tea room Mother Meldrum's, the name derived from the legend of a witch who is said to have lived in a cave nearby. For dry days there is a large garden with plenty of seating. For the inevitable cold and wet days, which give rise to both our green and pleasant land and obsessive moaning about the weather, there is a wonderfully cosy and old fashioned dining room, with an assortment of dining tables covered in proper table cloths- none of your wipe down plastic imitations. As well as pots of tea, fresh coffee, generously proportioned scones and ample home made cakes, there are juicy apple pies, delicious salads, crunchy chips and more. Besides the food, the staff were all very friendly, patient and helpful too. If you ever find yourself in the area, you know where to head.

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