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Here's a blast from the past- a 1970's steamed Mocha pudding. At the time, steamed puddings were a typical dessert option, but no doubt this one's mocha twist added an extra air of uncharted realms for the budding cook. The recipe was designed by the English home economist and chef Marguerite Patten, one of the earliest TV celebrity chefs, first appearing on the screen in 1947.

-100g margarine
-100g castor sugar
-2 large eggs
-125g plain flour
-1½ teaspoons baking powder
-1 tablespoon milk
-1 tablespoon coffee essence
-1 tablespoon cocoa powder

For the coffee sauce:
-1 tablespoon cornflour
-¼ pint strong coffee
-¼ pint milk
-25g sugar
-few drops vanilla essence

-Cream together the margarine and sugar until soft and light.
-Add beaten eggs and sieved flour and baking powder alternately.
-Put half of the mixture into another bowl.
-Stir the milk and cocoa into one half and the coffee essence into the other.
-Put the chocolate and coffee mixtures into a greased basin/mold, cover well and steam for 1½ hours.
-Turn out on to a hot dish and serve with the coffee sauce- make sure everyone has a slice of each flavour.

For the coffee sauce:
-Blend the cornflour with the coffee.
-Pour over boiling milk.
-Return to the pan with the sugar and vannilla essence and cook until thickened and smooth; stir well as the sauce thickens.

Recipe from Hamlyn's Family Cookbook by Marguerite Patten.

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