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So here it is, Merry Quizmas: The answers

1.Which of the following is the name of a coffee cocktail?

b-B-52: The B-52 cocktail features three distinct layers, making for a pretty little drink. It contains coffee liqueur, such as Kahlua, along with Irish cream and an orange flavoured liqueur. The coffee is added first, followed by the cream and orange, the latter two being poured in over the back of a spoon in order to maintain the separate layers.

2.Who invented mulled wine?

a-The Greeks: Although they were shortly followed by the Romans, it appears the Ancient Greeks were the first to come up with mulled wine. Unlike the festive hue we see it in these days, back then it was seen as a medicinal tonic or winter warmer. In fact, it was often used as a way to disguise the flavour of wine that had begun to go a bit off- that tradition at least seems to have continued to modern times, as many recipes call for a cheap bottle of red!

3.Who invented the Christmas cracker?

d-Tom Smith: London confectioner Tom Smith invented the Christmas cracker in the 1840s. He was first inspired by the French bon bon after a trip to the continent, and brought the idea home with him. He started adding love messages into the wrappers, and hit upon the idea of adding a snapping sound after hearing the crack of a log he put on the fire. Soon the sweet was dropped in favour of a trinket, and the paper hats came after his son Walter began looking for ways to differentiate their crackers from competitors on the market.

4.Which Christmas day treat was inspired by a saint?

c-Chocolate coins: As the story goes, the tradition of receiving chocolate coins can be traced back to St Nicholas, or Nikolaos of Myra, a Greek living back in the 4th century C.E. He was famous for handing out gifts, one of which included dropping bags of gold down the chimney of a poor man and his three daughters in order to pay for their dowries. Although this story does have a whiff of the apocryphal about it, it is a good one!

5.Which royal couple popularised the Christmas pudding?

a-Victoria & Albert: The Victorian period saw a great many Christmas traditions instated, one of which was the Christmas pudding. The pudding itself dates back to the Roman occupation of Britain, and a more savoury affair known as pottage, a thick, porridge like mixture. Later, as more exotic ingredients made their way to Britain such as sugar, spices and new dried fruits, they were added to the mix and the precursor to the Christmas pudding was born. The richer version was always a feature at the royal Christmas dinner of Victoria & Albert, and their preferred recipe created by their Swedish chef even survives to this day!

6.In which Scottish city was a staple Christmas cake invented?

d-Dundee: Dundee cake was made famous by a Scottish company called Keller. They began life with their successful line in marmalade, where the addition of the rind of Seville oranges made for a popular brand. When they began branching out, they added their much loved marmalade to the mix of their Dundee cake, creating a classic. A Dundee cake is a slightly lighter affair than the dark and stodgy Christmas cake south of the border, and eschews the thick layer of icing for rings of almonds.

7.In which country is Kentucky Fried Chicken a popular Christmas meal?

b-Japan: Christmas Day is not a public holiday in Japan, but that didn't stop KFC from pulling off one of the most bizarre, yet successful marketing stunts in recent decades. They ran a Christmas Chicken advertising campaign back in 1974, laying down the groundwork for a peculiar traditional Christmas meal. People can place orders months in advance in order to avoid the massive queues come December 25th!

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