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So here it is, Merry Quizmas

1.Which of the following is the name of a coffee cocktail?

a-Spitfire   b-B-52
c-Messerschmitt   d-MiG-1

2.Who invented mulled wine?

a-The Greeks   b- The Romans
c- The Phoenicians  d- The Carthaginians

3.Who invented the Christmas cracker?

a-Jack Taylor   b- George Williams
c- Oliver Jones  d-Tom Smith

4.Which Christmas day treat was inspired by a saint?

a-Candy canes   b-Christmas pudding
c-Chocolate coins   d-Mince pies

5.Which royal couple popularised the Christmas pudding?

a-Victoria & Albert   b- Elizabeth & Philip
c-Catherine & Charles   d- Mary & William

6.In which Scottish city was a staple Christmas cake invented?

a-Aberdeen   b-Edinburgh
c-Glasgow   d-Dundee

7.In which country is Kentucky Fried Chicken a popular Christmas meal?

a-USA   b-Japan
c-South Africa   d-Brazil

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