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1.Which tea would go well with your marmite on toast?

a- Earl Grey   b- Lapsang souchong
c- Masala chai   d- Assam

2.What ancient art did the influential figure Sen no Rikyū develop?

a- Origami   b- Aikido
c- Kendo   d- Chadō

3.In which country can you find Chocolates El Rey?

a- Venezuela   b- Costa Rica
c- Honduras   d- Guatemala

4.Which coffee style's flavour benefits the most by gulping it down?

a- Americano   b- Espresso
c- Mocha   d- Neapolitan

5.Which country do macadamia nuts come from?

a- Australia   b- Burma
c- Canada   d- Denmark

6.Which cape can you find Balnakeil craft village near?

a- Cape Cod   b- Cape Cornwall
c- Cape Wrath   d- Cape of Good Hope

7. Which country's servicemen introduced instant coffee to the UK during World War 2?
a- Canada   b- Australia
c- Germany   d- USA

8.Where did the Marigold flower get its name from?

a- The Virgin Mary   b- Queen Mary
c- A marsh flower   d- Mars, the Roman God

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