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Mars Drinks UK, manufacturers of the FLAVIA® hot drinks vending machine and the drinks brands ALTERRA COFFEE ROASTERS™, THE BRIGHT TEA CO.™ AND GALAXY has always been focused on the office environment.

Recently they have launched MARS DRINKS OFFICE CONNECTIONS™ as the brand which encompasses the drinks machine and drinks brands. MARS DRINKS OFFICE CONNECTIONS™ also has a new strapline, ‘drink, think, link’, which better acknowledges how the unique FLAVIA hot drinks vending machine brings offices together to enjoy a speciality coffee, tea or hot chocolate and join in discussions, share ideas and build relationships with colleagues.

With changing work patterns and advances in technology, the typical office space is becoming much more than simply rows of desks and chairs, increasingly, a visit to the coffee machine to enjoy a hot beverage is considered the perfect opportunity to step away from the computer and take the time to think, collaborate and exchange ideas. This helps improve the productivity within an office environment, in addition to allowing the opportunity for creative discussion that helps keep a flow of ideas to drive business growth.



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