Mains-Fed Water Coolers

Water Coolers

Does your workplace need access to unlimited, great-tasting water on demand? Our Mains-Fed water coolers are for you.

Mains-Fed water coolers
the eden kafevend way

  • From just 60p per day Price includes Cooler Rental plus Bi-Annual Sanitisation
  • Unlimited Water Supply
  • State-of-the art carbon filtration
  • FREE delivery & Installation
  • Unrivalled national delivery
  • Simple Pricing

100% Sanitisation

Available only on the Ebac Fmax Mains-Fed water cooler unfiltered water is chilled in the water cooler with chlorine and impurities being filtered at the point of dispense.

New patented way to sanitise Mains-Fed water coolers
Safest way to operate a Mains-Fed water cooler
100% Sanitisation - every time

We use state-of-the art
carbon filtration for great tasting water

Mains-Fed water coolers take the water from your existing mains water supply
and use a high-quality filter to transform mains water in to fresh, great-tasting
drinking water free from contaminants and chlorine.

Install Rail

Install Rail

All our Mains-Fed Water Coolers are professionally installed using our install rail connector as standard.
This offers that extra protection and features:

  • A Double check non return valve - Acts as an isolator and prevents back flow.
  • B Pressure reducing valve - Controls the water pressure ensuring consistency.
  • C Water block - Leak detector to ensure constant water flow - if the flow becomes too heavy, then it is assumed there is a leak and the water block activates, shutting off the water flow.
  • D Water block reset button - Used to reset the water block which can cancel water flow if activated in error.
  • E Pipe to cooler adapter - Connects the cooler water pipe to the Install Rail.


Mains-fed water coolers

Video Aquasafe Video

Ebac F-max mains-fed water cooler

clean drinking water

with Aquasafe™ technology

Ebac's AquaSafe™ system, filters water at the point of dispense making your water 100% drinkable and safe. There are no chemicals or scrubbing required to maintain your Ebac Fmax mains-fed water cooler.

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