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Here's a rarity- a look at a coffee company whose coffee I have actually drunk (and really rather been enjoying)! Lavazza is named after its founder, Luigi Lavazza. Born in 1859 to a family of farmers, his father's wish to see his son lead a better life helped to form Luigi's approach to life; namely one of curiosity and scientific
experimentation. Travelling to Turin in 1885, he spent a decade trying out various jobs and taking night classes, before realising he had a knack for business. With this, he took over a grocery store and in 1895 founded the first Lavazza store.

Like many such businesses, he started out as a small retailer, producing and processing a variety of goods in the store to sell. Of the goods processed and sold, coffee was the one that Luigi most took a liking to, and the store became more focused on it as a result, later becoming a wholesaler and providing other stores with their coffee. The Lavazza coffee brand became increasingly popular, particularly due to Luigi's successful venture into coffee blends- mixing beans from different origins in the pursuit of better tastes and flavours.

Over the next century, the company grew steadily, and despite setbacks during the two world wars, the company endured throughout. The business has been passed down through the generations of the Lavazza family over the years, and remains in the hands of family members today.

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