KLIX Vending Machines

You can relax, knowing that KLIX is ready to vend day after day without a break.

Drinks Range

A choice of 28 hot and cold drinks including all the brands you love at your fingertips.

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KLIX Machines

KLIX drinks vending machines deliver a lot... Hot and cold drinks vending systems for offices, factories and public spaces.


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Cutting-edge technology

Pioneered by KLIX®, the in-cup system ensures consistent drink quality, unsurpassed machine reliability.

KLIX simply won't let you down

Simple, trustworthy and industry leading vending machine technology that can be tailored to your individual needs. KLIX - the most reliable vending machine on the market.

One button ordering across the range

Making round buying as easy as possible, the KLIX range and system lets people quickly choose what they want according to time of day, mood or the weather.

Clean, safe and hygienic

Ingredients are predetermined in the cup and the machine adds hot water before the drink is delivered, this reduces cleaning and accidents. The cups are hygienically sealed and supplied for easy installation into the vending machine.