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The chances are that if you ever have been, are, or know a teenage boy, then you/they have probably enjoyed a Discworld book or thirty over the years- I know I have. I have read through the collection several times as I have grown up. Each new read through will throw up a few things that I didn't understand the last time, but now do thanks to life's experiences, and this is one of the reasons I enjoy reading the books so much. One of the topics lost on me when I was younger was the bit about coffee- Klatchian coffee, to be exact.

Klatchian coffee comes from the land of Klatch, based on the medieval Arab states. It ramps up the hyperbole on the stereotypical traits of Turkish coffee, which is dark, thick and very strong. Klatchian coffee makes you 'knurd', which is the opposite of drunk, and lies on the other side of sobriety. Being knurd results in life's illusions being stripped away to reveal the horror of true reality, resulting in a number of people becoming alcoholics as they overestimate the alcohol needed to escape and subsequently drink to forget what they saw. The character Sam Vimes is said to be naturally knurd and is always two drinks under sober, resulting in his natural state of cynicism.If you know someone who's awfully cynical, do them a favour and buy them a couple of drinks every so often. They can thank me later.
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