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Avid followers of the BBC's 'Great British Bake Off' will instantly realize that this week we've decided to pay homage to the programme and provide a little solace for those who are already missing Mel, Sue, Mary and Paul! So let's press on and see how well you know your cake, always the best accompaniment to a brew up.

1.An easy question to get you warmed up – who is the Victoria sponge named for?

a-Victoria Wood               b-Victoria Beckham
c-Queen Victoria              d-Victoria Coren Mitchell

2.Which two colours traditionally feature in a Battenburg cake?

a-Blue and pink                b-Pink and yellow
c-Orange and cream         d-Green and yellow

3.From which part of the UK does Bara Brith originate?

a-Northern Ireland           b-England
c-Scotland                        d-Wales

4.What are Nutty Flips more commonly known as?

a-Chocolate Brownies       b-Date and Walnut Mini Loaves
c-Flap Jacks                       d-Ginger Nuts

5.Who said 'Let them eat cake'?

a-Marie Antoinette            b-Mary, Queen of Scots
c-Marie-Thérèse                d-Mary Berry            

6.Which liqueur is traditionally used in a Black Forest Gateau?

a-Amaretto                        b-Kirsch
c-Cointreau                       d-Grand Marnier

7.When did Mr Kipling start selling cakes?

a-1956                                b-1972
c-1967                                d-1951

8.Where did The Great British Bake Off's Mary Berry grow up?

a-Bath                               b-Canterbury
c-Cheltenham                    d-Wells

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