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Out of 150 people surveyed about their coffee-drinking habits by Kafevend,  54% of us prefer to consume our coffee before noon, the vast majority waiting till office hours to get our first cappuccino or latte of the day. As the caffeine in coffee is a stimulant, this is a great way to kick-start the day, and with 78% of us drinking coffee, the need for a quality solution in the workplace was evident.

From lunchtime, people generally start switching to other drinks but it is still the key time for 18% of us who start looking for a caffeine boost as we hit that period, post noon, when energy levels and concentration might slump. There are interesting gender comparisons to be made here as women form the vast majority (67%) of those consuming coffee around lunch time.

Surprisingly 6% of us consume most of our coffee after 6pm, a habit that could play havoc with our sleep patterns, but may prove a necessity for those working long hours and needing to stay alert.

So, of those of us who drink coffee (78% of people surveyed), 75% of consumption appears to be during the working day. And what better way to engage and motivate your staff than by providing a quality solution that enables employees to get a coffee-shop quality drink at a fraction of the price. Kafevend is proud to be able to offer a great solution to businesses, improving staff morale, engagement and even workrate, as the quality coffees ensure less of those mid afternoon dips in concentration leading to a reduction in productivity.

And don't forget the non-coffee drinkers amongst us! Great coffee vending machines such as the FLAVIA Creation 400 from Kafevend also offer fresh-brewed leaf teas, herbal infusions and a luxurious GALAXY hot chocolate to cater for those who don't drink coffee or maybe like a different drink to suit their mood or at a specific time of day.

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