Speciality coffees

Jura Impressa X9 - Speciality Bean to Cup Coffee

The IMPRESSA XS9 produces no fewer than 12 different coffee types including latte and cappuccino at the touch of a button. And with the adjustable coffee strength, programmable water quantity and brewing temperature you can get exactly the coffee you want.

Ecological intelligence

Jura Impressa X9 - Programming

Thanks to the Energy Save Mode (ESM®) the machine uses up to 40% less energy, helping to relieve the strain on the environment and your budget. You can also set the machine to switch to standby mode after a certain time further reducing energy usage.

Time management

Bean to cup coffee machine with the Jura Impressa X9 - Individualisation

The IMPRESSA XS9 comes with an integrated time management system that ensures you never miss your well earned coffee break. At your set time the machine switches on or off automatically and ensures you have the kind of coffee you want when you want it.

Model Details