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For the easily confused among you, Jammie Dodgers are the double shortbread biscuit sandwiched together with jam alone; jam sandwich creams are a similar product but contain a cream filling under the jam. The top layer of a Jammie Dodger has a heart shaped hole in the middle, perhaps a subtle 'Queen of Hearts' nursery rhyme reference. More certain is the fact that their name was inspired by 'Rodger the Dodger' from 'The Beano'. When the biscuit first appeared in 1960, comics had a wider readership amongst children and of course the Jammie Dodger has always been aimed at a young audience. Not that that stops adults from enjoying one with their cup of tea. Back in 2009 the red centre of the biscuit made it a perfect product to help promote and raise money for Comic Relief's Red Nose Day.

Jammie Dodgers are produced by Burton's at their Welsh factory in Llantarnam. George Burton opened a bakery in Staffordshire as long ago as 1874, though it was his grandson, Joseph Burton, who founded Burton's Biscuits in 1935. One of their other well known brands is Wagon Wheels, which first went on sale in 1948 at a time when wild west films were all the rage. Burton's are adamant that Wagon Wheels have remained the same size ever since; it's just that they seem to become smaller as you grow up and your perception of their size alters. This would explain why even though they seem to shrink you still can't comfortably dunk one in your tea!

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