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In a world where lifestyle obsession and health concern rear their heads with increasing frequency, fruit smoothies are a popular choice amongst those who endeavour to look after themselves. One of the most well known smoothie makers are of course Innocent, and today I intend to have a look at the group.

Innocent's inception occured in 1998, when three university graduates- Adam Balon, Richard Reed and Jon Wright- posed the question "Should we give up our jobs to make these smoothies?" at a London music festival stall where they sold the first batch. With votes cast by binning the bottles, the answer was a resounding yes. After quitting their jobs and formulating a business plan, the three initially struggled to find investment until an American businessman named Maurice Pinto offered a quarter of a million dollars. The company has grown in leaps and bounds ever since.

Innocent's smoothies are delightful things- I should know, I've had several. Besides the packaging- which appears to be imbued with a trapped soul that ever desires to grab your attention by posing a myriad of odd banalities- the drinks themselves are pretty tasty, and even make up two of your five a day, preferable somewhat to eating yer greenz. It's only fair to warn however of the potentially high sugar content from such a glut of fruit ( check out this article for a few other warnings on your top drinks: )- make sure you pay attention to the contents and adjust your diet accordingly!

If you feel like giving sugar a miss, there are of course Innocent's range of veg pots which also fulfill your goal of a eating a guideline minimum amount of stuff that's good for you. Again, like the smoothies, they offer an amicable alternative to yer greenz, despite the fact that they might even contain said items- parents everywhere can rejoice as Innocent hits upon a way to make vegetables palatable!

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