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1- According to Chinese legend which of the following was the first person to ever taste tea?

a- an emperor     b- a monk
c- a farmer     d- a merchant

2- Which European explorers were the first to experience a cup of tea?

a- Italian     b- British
c- Dutch     d- Portuguese

3- What did early British tea drinkers sip their tea from?

a- enamel mugs    b- porcelain tea bowls
c- earthenware cups     d- bone china cups and saucers

4- Who is credited with inventing the concept of afternoon tea?

a- The Duke of Wellington     b- The Queen Mother
c- The Duchess of Bedford     d- Queen Victoria

5- When did tea become an affordable drink in Britain?

a- during the Victorian era     b- between the wars
c- during the Georgian era     d- post World War 2

6- As a result of World War 2, how long was tea rationed for in the UK?

a- 12 years     b- 6 years
c- 8 years     d- 10 years

7- Which was the first UK tea company to offer teabags to the public?

a- Lipton     b- PG Tips
c- Tetley     d- Twining

8- And finally, which company brought us the first fully automatic electric kettle?

a- Breville     b- Russell Hobbs
c- Kenwood     d- Morphy Richards

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