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Initial oxymoron aside, hard and soft water are fairly easy concepts to understand- hard water has a high mineral content and soft water doesn't. Living in one of the few places in the south west of the country that has hard water, I can personally attest to the displeasure that is dealing with decrepit kitchen appliances clogged up with limescale. Industrial blight aside, the minerals in hard water have recently been shown to be beneficial to our health, rather than detrimental as was once thought, serving as a supplement for calcium and magnesium.

Given its health benefits it is certainly a good idea to drink hard water as it is if you happen to live in an area that has it. People even purchase mineral water, sometimes just as much for the unique taste an area's water possesses. Of course minerals can have an adverse effect on the taste of drinks such as tea and coffee. In these cases, it is a good idea to use a water filter of some sort.

Alternatively, you could try out some of the products specifically designed to work with hard water. One such product is the renowned Earl Grey tea. The oil of bergamot orange that is added to the tea was originally used as a way to neutralize the calcium in the water available at Earl Grey's stately home.

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