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Well, I said I'd do it and here it is- with a couple of tea and coffee companies looked into, it's time for a couple to do with cocoa. If only Green and Black's were two separate chocolatiers, I could finish this round of articles off in one fell swoop today, but alas, it can't be done. Green and Black's aren't even people, but words chosen for the direction of the company: Green signifying the organic and environmental aspects and Black the typically high cocoa content of the chocolates they make.

The company began in 1991 when a couple, Craig Sams and Josephine Fairley, wanted to work towards producing high quality and ethically sourced chocolate. One of their earliest chocolate bars, launched in 1994 under the name Maya Gold, was the result of the couple going on holiday to Belize. There they met a group of farmers who had planted cacao trees but had no market, as the company that had requested they do so, had withdrawn from Belize. Craig and Josephine agreed to buy the produce from the farmers for a fair price, and Maya Gold became the first chocolate product to earn the Fairtrade mark in the UK.

By 2011, all of Green and Black's products were Fairtrade certified. Since 1994, their range of products has been expanding. Along with a wide range of chocolate bars that feature varying levels of cocoa content and a number of flavours- such as Maya Gold's orange and spice- they also produce items like cocoa powder and ice cream.

By the way- even bloggers need a holiday!
We'll be back on the 19th August.

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