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Despite the name frappé being a French word, the popular coffee drink as we know it today is from Greece. Seen as a major component of Greek coffee culture, the frappé's origin lies in the 1957 International World Fair in Thessaloniki, a city that lies on the coast in the north of Greece. A man named Dimitris Vakondios invented the drink when he could not find any hot water to make his coffee with during a break. Deciding to mix his instant coffee with cold water and ice in a shaker, he created the first frappé. Originally the frappé was sold by Nestlé, as Vakondios was an employee to one of their representatives at the time of its invention. Whilst still sold by them, other companies now sell their own varieties, notably Starbuck's 'frappuccino'.


The traditional Greek frappé is made using a couple of teaspoons of instant coffee, varying amounts of sugar and a small amount of water mixed in a shaker to produce foam. The foam is then added to a glass with more water, ice, and sometimes milk. There are three varieties of Greek frappés, based on sweetness. These are the glykós, métrios and skétos; sweet, normal and plain respectively, consisting of two teaspoons of coffee with either four, two, or no teaspoons of sugar.

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