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Some of us worry about about our appearance more than others. As the years roll on we try to shrug the wrinkles off as laughter lines, but don't actually find them very funny. The sad fact is, elasticity doesn't last forever; we already know this from the disappointing experience of a favourite pair of stretch jeans ultimately going baggy - important tip: never use fabric conditioner on them! However, faces are not stretch jeans and many of us do use added extras on our skin. If you spend a lot of time searching for the elixir of youth, you're likely to be using Priori's CoffeeBerry products by now. The company's research department has found that coffee is too good just to drink or make cake with, you need to put it on your face too!

Although plants need light for photosynthesis, ultraviolet light is harmful to them, so because they are static they have had to evolve a level of protection; this comes in the form of  antioxidant cellular defences. The antioxidants that protect the plant have anti-ageing properties which can help protect our skin too. Coffee grows mainly between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn and the most prized coffee tends to grow at high altitudes. Coffee then, has had to adapt to a high level of  harmful ultraviolet rays and while an apple grown here in the UK is rich in antioxidants, coffee is richer still. Rather than using the extract from the bean, Priori use the extract from the the whole coffee fruit - the berry or cherry, with an antioxidant content that outstrips even green tea or blueberries.

Research first began when scientists noticed that the hands and forearms of regular coffee cherry harvesters were softer, smoother and generally younger looking than one would expect of those working outdoors in such a climate. Further investigations ensued, ultimately resulting in Priori's current extensive range of CoffeeBerry products which includes cleansers, moisturisers and sun protection cream. So now you can drink your coffee, eat your delicious coffee cake and ward off the wrinkles with extract of the coffee cherry... funny how things come in threes!

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