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It's a question that is often asked and there are many considerations to take into account when making the choice between a Kenco Singles hot drinks vending machine and a FLAVIA Creation 400.

Some of the key questions that our customers raise are around:

  • Plumbing options
  • The energy efficiency of the Kenco versus the FLAVIA® machine
  • Time from switching the machine on to delivering a drink
  • The range of drinks available for the Kenco Singles machine and the FLAVIA Creation 400
  • Which machine will fit best in my workplace?

Both the Kenco Singles machine and the FLAVIA can be either plumbed or manually filled, meaning you can be flexible as to where you site either machine in your business.

From an energy efficiency perspective, however, there are important differences. The FLAVIA machine heats just enough water for the drink, whilst the Kenco Singles machine keeps the water hot all the time, resulting in a big difference in energy efficiency with the FLAVIA brewer using just 28 watts/hour in standby versus 118 watts/hour for the Kenco machine. As the water is heated for each drink and hence a reservoir of water doesn't need heating prior to the first drink being made, the FLAVIA machine will be ready for use almost immediately it is switched on, taking under a minute as opposed to the 15 minutes required for the Kenco machine.

The range of drinks available for the FLAVIA coffee and hot drinks machine is also much broader. A wide range of ALTERRA COFFEE ROASTERS™ coffees is available which cover four distinctive taste profiles to satisfy everyone in the workplace. In addition, THE BRIGHT TEA CO.™ teas for the FLAVIA machine not only offer the standard breakfast teas and Earl Grey but also three refreshing herbal infusions and two green teas. Both the Kenco machine and the FLAVIA machine offer hot chocolate and cappuccino, however, due to the patented two pack process for the FLAVIA machine, you can select the coffee you prefer in your latte or cappuccino, or even mix drinks to create some speciality coffee shop style drinks of your own such as a mocha using an ALTERRA COFFEE ROASTERS coffee and the luxurious GALAXY hot chocolate, or mint hot choc using the GALAXY hot chocolate and THE BRIGHT TEA CO. Peppermint Herbal tea.

Another great benefit of the drinks for the FLAVIA machine is that the machine uses the FLAVIA® FRESH RELEASE™ system which has been designed to dispense each freshly filtered coffee, leaf tea, hot chocolate or speciality drinks directly from the pack to cup, ensuring a clean brewer and no taste contamination. This is not the case for the Kenco Singles machine which would require cleaning between drinks to avoid any taste contamination.

The drinks range for the Kenco Singles machine features brands such as Kenco and Carte Noire coffees, PG Tips tea and Suchard hot chocolate.

In terms of machine size, the FLAVIA coffee machine is compact enough to fit under overhead units in a kitchen or on a base unit or cabinet in an office, reception, showroom or board room. The Kenco machine is also relatively compact but if it is to be sited in a kitchen area with eye-level cupboards over the work surface, it is important to check the height of these cupboards as if positioned at the minimum required level at 450mm above the work surface, the Kenco Singles machine will not fit in this situation.

An additional important feature of the FLAVIA Creation 400 is the cup sensor, which means that if a cup isn't present or is removed part way through the dispensing process, the water flow will cease, removing the risk of scalding staff or customers using the machine and ensuring that the health and safety of users of the machine.

So which machine is best suited to your needs? Both have some positive features, but if it's a compact, reliable and energy efficient machine you need, offering a broad range of coffee shop style drinks, the FLAVIA Creation 400 from KAFEVEND® takes some beating.

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