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Freshness is a concern when it comes to any consumable, but the pursuit, in particular, to keep coffee in a state of near timeless suspension is much sought after. This desire has perhaps drawn closer with the use of the FLAVIA office vending machine 'Freshpack' designed by MARS Drinks, also used with their tea products.

The process starts with its storage before being packed. The coffee is kept in a nitrogen rich environment, which helps to keep oxygen away that would otherwise increase the rate of oxidation, leading the coffee to become stale and lose its flavour.

The coffee is then put into the freshpacks themselves. Each pack is composed of three layers: laminate, aluminium and polyester. This combination helps to keep the coffee safe from oxygen, light and moisture, and with the packs also being nitrogen flushed, this combination really helps to clamp down on the unwanted effects of oxidation.

The final push for freshness occurs when the drink itself is made. Instead of a common brewing chamber inside the machine that each pack empties into, the pack itself functions as the brewing chamber. This prevents leftover residues from previous drinks from affecting each coffee. The drink then empties straight from the pack into a cup, likewise preventing contamination from previous drinks.

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