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Rounding up my "Chocolate for Christmas" trio of articles this December is a look at Ferrero, the Italian chocolatier and confectionary company that makes everyone's favourite  posh chocolate, the Ferrero Rocher. It's just not a proper party without the customary ziggurat of chocolate and hazelnut moreishness located somewhere prominent- perhaps even carried about on a fancy platter. It's quite the epitome of style and good taste! Despite it being somewhat of a target for a good natured ribbing over the years (Father Ted, anyone?), like the Toblerone it is something I always look forward to as Christmas approaches.

The Ferrero company was started in 1946 by Pietro Ferrero who was looking to promote and sell his new product, named Pasta Gianduja. This was a hazelnut and chocolate spread based on a type of chocolate invented in Turin during the turn of the 18th and 19th centuries and the reign of Napoleon. The product was developed over the years, and eventually became Nutella spread. Pietro handed over control of the company to his son Michele, whose efforts saw the company grow in leaps and bounds. In turn, Michele's sons Pietro Jr. and Giovanni took charge.

Whilst the Ferrero Rocher is certainly the most well known of their chocolates in Britain, a large number of variations are produced. These include the dark chocolate Rondnoir, along with alternate flavours like coconut, lemon and almond. Alongside the chocolate bearing their namesake, Ferrero produce the Kinder chocolate range and also Tic Tac mints.

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