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Extreme tea drinking

The majority of us enjoy a cup of tea and most of us like to indulge in a biscuit, even if only now and again. Our first subject for today involves putting the two together. Yes, we're talking about the art of dunking! Dunking with a difference though. Today's blog focuses on two world record breaking attempts that involve cups of tea, one small and one huge...

Bungee dunking

November 17th was Guinness World Records Day and Simon Berry from Sheffield decided to use the occasion to attempt the highest ever bungee dunk. That's bungee dunk, not bungee jump. Bizarre as it may seem he's not the first person to want to combine the extreme sport of bungee dunking with the usually less energetic business of dunking a biscuit in a hot drink. Simon's biscuit of choice was a chocolate Hobnob, which scientifically minded dunkers might find surprising; a study by a scientist from the Institute of Physics has shown that McVitie's Rich Tea are actually top for holding it together during a dunk. By contrast the Hobnob's less dense structure means it will crumble more quickly. The time a biscuit spends dipped in tea during a bungee dunk is relatively short of course, so we suspect Simon just decided to pick his favourite!

His support team calculated the descent carefully so as to have the mug of tea ready in the optimum spot. All the same, Simon wasn't sure if he'd be successful or not; a practice dive back in August had proved tricky. To give himself a better chance this time around he grasped the wrist of the biscuit holding hand with his other hand, like a high diver poised for the leap. In the event he managed to smash the previous bungee dunk record, set in 2013 at 60.5 metres, with a massive 73.41 metres; that's 240 feet and 10 inches of drop before emerging triumphant with a tea-dunked Hobnob. Check out this link to see the moment the new record was set.

Iced tea for everyone

A rather more sedate, though no less impressive, tea world record was set back in June of this year by the town of Summerville in the U.S. state of South Carolina. Iced tea is a highly popular drink in the South and indeed, the town's record breaking attempt concerned preparing a gargantuan amount of the drink. 210 pounds of black loose leaf tea was needed to make the world's largest iced tea, along with a whopping 1,600 pounds of sugar. Having brewed the tea, 300 ten pound blocks of ice were added to reduce it to the required temperature.

Town officials had first broken the record last year when they managed to fill a huge 10 foot tall mason jar with 1,425 gallons of iced tea, but a few months later their record was broken by none other than Lipton at a festival in Charleston. Summerville, which claims to be the birthplace of the drink, was determined to win the record back and on June 10th managed to create a behemoth of a brew - 2,524 gallons of sweet iced tea. And they certainly didn't have far to go for refreshments afterwards!


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