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What is International Coffee Day and when is it?    

National Coffee Day is an event that took place on the 29th September that celebrates everything coffee. Not many beverages are celebrated on a national level with an annual holiday – but it would seem coffee really is that popular. If like millions of others in the UK you are involved in a love affair with a cup of dark frothy goodness, the 29th may just have been a date you had scribbled in your diary.

Although England will have celebrated National Coffee Day on the 29th, different countries celebrate the holiday on different days throughout the year. However, in March 2014, 74 International Coffee Organisation member states and 26 sanctioned coffee associations from all over the world teamed up to make the 1st of October2015 the f irst ever untied global event. Forming International Coffee Day to establish a date of celebration for coffee lovers across the planet.

The day is centred on the awareness of fair trade coffee production, the promotion of green processes and the hard work of the coffee growers. The 1st is focused on the celebration of diversity, quality and passion and world-wide individuals and business are taking part. It is an opportunity for millions of people to support the farmers who livelihood wholly depends on that delicious brown bean that so many of us enjoy every day.

How can I get involved?

That popular aromatic crop is causing a stir this September and October and many individuals and companies are enthusiastic to get involved. From celebrating on your own with your favourite coffee blend to reaching out to others, there are numerous creative ways in which you can get involved this coming International Coffee Day.

‘Café Sesoeso against Poverty’

The International Coffee Organisation has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Oxfam to form a campaign that focuses on the notion of ‘caffè sospeso’, an Italian tradition of paying for a coffee for a person in need.

According to the ICO the event will ‘give coffee lovers around the world an opportunity to show solidarity with smallholder coffee farmers by donating the value of an additional cup of coffee to Oxfam’s work with such farmers via an online platform.’

Treat a stranger to a coffee

The smallest gestures can really make big difference to someone’s day. In some countries, individuals celebrate the day by simply treating the thirsty stranger luckily standing behind them. Any easy way to brighten up someone’s day, and celebrate the delicious hot beverage. Why not inspire kindness in your nearest coffee house this autumn?

Throw a coffee morning

Of course there are ways in which you can celebrate coffee throughout the year. We enjoy a hot frothy coffee all year round, and there are many ways to be charitable all through the seasons. Coffee mornings are proving a popular way to raise money for different charities, most notably Macmillan . The Eden Kafevend Coffee Morning Pack can even provide you with all the coffee and tea you need free of charge. That leaves you in charge of simply providing cakes, and collecting the money.

Celebrate with a free coffee

In the past national coffee days have been celebrated by companies as well. This year, watch out for offers from your favourite brands. Traditionally brands such as Ikea and Starbucks have put on promotions in celebration of the event such as free or discounted coffees. Keep an eye out on social media for offers as well to keep up with everything coffee.

How will you be celebrating the first international coffee day? Reach for your usual coffee, sit back, and tweet us at @Kafevend #internationalcoffeeday

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