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Euro 2016 drinks quiz

1.Which country invented the frappe?

a-Bulgaria   b-Albania
c-Belgium   d-Greece

2.Which country invented the espresso?

a-Austria   b-Italy
c-Portugal   d-Switzerland

3.Which country drinks the most coffee?

a-Netherlands   b-Denmark
c-Sweden   d-Finland

4.Which country drinks the most tea?

a-Ireland   b-UK
c-Greece   d-Poland

5.Which country has a traditional breakfast featuring hot chocolate?

a-Croatia   b-Spain
c-Switzerland   d-Norway

6.Which country came up with the idea of ice cream coffee?

a-France   b-Italy
c-Germany   d-Greece

7.Which country was the first to adopt a tea drinking culture?

a-Portugal   b-UK
c-Austria   d-Spain

8.Which country's sailors were nicknamed "Limeys" for their use of lime juice to prevent scurvy?

a-France   b-Spain
c-UK   d-Germany

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