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1.When was the Creme Egg first created?

c-1963-The fondant filled chocolate egg was first created by Fry's, but was renamed in 1971 as Cadbury's Creme Egg. Cadbury had come up with the notion of filled chocolate eggs four decades earlier however in 1923, and even some fifty years earlier had figured out how to make hollow moulded Easter eggs.

2.What is the distinguishing feature of the Greek Easter biscuit koulourakia?

a-its twist-Koulourakia are made with familiar ingredients but bring them together in a different way. Instead of a traditional round shape, the dough is rolled out and then twisted to form a double helix, though other shapes like spirals or figures of eight are also popular.

3.What is Easter Island most famous for?

b-Moai-The ancient Moai statues were made both to venerate ancestors and the chiefs who led the clans living on the island. Initially, they were part of the islanders' ancestor worship, who believed that the living and the dead helped each other in their respective worlds.

4.When was the Lindt Gold Bunny first created?

d-1952-As the story goes, the Lindt Gold Bunny was created by one of the company's master chocolatiers after his son saw a rabbit in the garden. When the rabbit disappeared off into the hedges, he became upset and the father came up with the idea to cheer up his son with a chocolate bunny.

5.What day was Simnel cake originally eaten on?

b-Laetare Sunday-Also known as Refreshment Sunday, Mothering Sunday, Simnel Sunday and Sunday of the Five Loaves, Laetare Sunday is the middle Sunday of Lent, when the fast was traditionally relaxed. The Simnel cake is believed originally to have been a very fine white bread before turning into the sweeter treat it is today. It also became traditional to present mothers with simnel cakes on Mothering Sunday.

6.Which company did the most to popularise the hollow chocolate Easter egg?

c-Cadbury-Whilst hollow chocolate Easter eggs had been made prior to 1875, the process had been a laborious one, filling the moulds by hand. The combined breakthroughs of the cocoa press made by Van Houten and a pure cocoa by Cadbury earlier in the 19th century allowed Cadbury to easily produce moulded chocolate.

7.How did the cross on the hot cross bun originate?

A-Warding off evil spirits-People were used to seeing a cross on baked products, as the cross was placed on baked goods to ward off evil spirits that might affect the bread and make it go mouldy or stale. The Good Friday association was a later development.

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