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1.When was the Creme Egg first created?

a-1947   b-1955
c-1963   d-1971

2.What is the distinguishing feature of the Greek Easter biscuit koulourakia?

a-its twist   b-its colour
c-its flavour   d-its texture

3.What is Easter Island most famous for?

a-Rano Kau   b-Moai
b-Tangata Manu   d-Rano Raraku

4.When was the Lindt Gold Bunny first created?

a-1925   b-1934
b-1943   d-1952

5.What day was Simnel cake originally eaten on?

a-Christmas day   b-Laetare Sunday
b-Pentecost   d-Whitsun

6.Which company did the most to popularise the hollow chocolate Easter egg?

a-Fry's   b-Mars
c-Cadbury   d-Lindt

7.How did the cross on the hot cross bun originate?

a-Warding off evil spirits   b-A maker's mark
c-To represent Jesus on the cross   d-A target for archers

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