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It's almost impossible to escape the recommendations that we need to be drinking on average 2.2-2.9 litres of water each day (Source: World Health Organisation)...in addition to eating five portions of fruit and vegetables, along with protein, calcium....etc. It's amazing that we can do all of that within the recommended number of calories that we are advised to consume!

But do people get hung up on 'water' or realise that many other beverages count? There are a host of refreshing herbal teas which make this consumption much more interesting and are available for your FLAVIA® machine. THE BRIGHT TEA CO.™ launched back in March this year as the quality tea brand from MARS Drinks and offer a refreshing range of fabulous herbal teas which, along with the other teas in the range, all count towards your required fluid intake each day.

Developed in association with Steven Smith, founder of Tazo Teas, the refreshing Peppermint, fruity Raspberry and zingy Lemon Herbal add a new dimension to your day with virtually no calories.

They can also help ensure that you remain hydrated, which has many benefits, particularly during the working day. If you get dehydrated, it can have a negative effect on your alertness and concentration at work, the quality of your work can suffer, even your personal safety and that of others around you can suffer, due to you being less alert. It is therefore important to prioritise hydration in order to maintain mental and physical performance.

And don't forget that the FLAVIA brewer is not just a coffee machine...it delivers over 25 hot drink combinations from teas and coffees to the luxurious GALAXY® Hot Chocolate and speciality Cappuccinos and Lattes. So why not give them a go, and improve your fluid intake and performance at the same time!

Author: Jane Rowe

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