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In the current economic climate when many businesses are facing challenging times, decisions are often taken to cut staff perks with the view that these are 'nice to have' benefits as opposed to necessities.

In a study conducted by the consultant, Mercer, they found that cost control was the biggest challenge for around half of employers when they are making decisions as to what benefits to offer their staff. And while employers want to be seen as cost-conscious by their employees, often the small things make the biggest difference and it is a false economy to remove them.

The article features interviews with a number of MD's of businesses who say that those little perks are the elements of their business with little cost attributed to them and where the benefits of staff engagement far outweigh the cost.

These perks include quality coffees, teas and other hot drinks, the benefits of the coffee shop in the office that not only improves morale but often has an impact on performance, preventing those slumps in concentration. There is also a negative impact should benefits currently enjoyed by staff are removed. Knocking staff morale at a time when business is tough reduces productivity at a time when you need to be delivering more from the people within your workforce.

However, the addition of small, low cost perks such as a quality coffee vending machine that improves staff morale, engagement, motivation and performance is something that would add value to any business. 




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